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Boasting in the Lord

on March 17, 2012

Thanks again for your prayers and concern. I wanted to update you on my condition. I continue to feel reasonably well. As glad as I am for the lump in my breast having shrunk, I’m starting to have a little more back pain than usual and so my running has slowed down. I ran just a mile this week but continue to walk as often as I can. We have had some great weather in Illinois so that has made it even more enjoyable. I’m also nearing the end of a ten-day period of intense praying about which treatment plan I should pursue.  We’ve gotten more input from several people this week that has helped us greatly, but the decision about which way to go is still very hard. I have an appointment this week with my doctor to talk about my back pain and what that may mean, too. I know God is the ultimate healer and I continue to trust Him completely with this situation.

I also wanted to share a story with you. I love to hear stories of how God answers prayer because it encourages me to keep praying. Luke 11:9 says, “And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”

Just a few weeks ago while many of you were praying for my healing I was praying for a home for my son Lucas. You see, Lucas was living with some college friends in their garage temporarily until he could find permanent housing. For some reason, the thought of me having cancer didn’t seem as bad to me as the thought of my son living in a garage! It often made me cry in my prayer time to God. And so I continued to cry out to God for a home for Lucas and healing for me. Lucas had left the end of January to start his 2nd year of college at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. He is studying to be a worship leader and absolutely loved his first year of school there. His entire journey to go to school there has been one of faith. Because the school is not accredited in the U.S. he does not qualify for any financial assistance. And the cost of living in Australia is quite high. He made it through his first year with help from us and by using up all of his savings and working as much as he could over there. His second year looked even more daunting. The cost of living in college housing was more than we could afford. So over the Christmas break we prayed that something would come available.

Lucas felt like God had given him a scripture from Luke 10:5-9 that says, “When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest on him; if not, it will return to you. Stay in that house, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house. “When you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is set before you. Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.'”

His prayer was that God would lead him to the right place. But we still didn’t have a place for him. Lucas has faith like his dad and decided to just get on the plane and trust that God would provide. And that is how he ended up in a garage. 🙂 But, as his mom I was thankful he had a roof over his head. About two weeks ago, Lucas found out that he probably shouldn’t stay in the garage of the other college kids because they might get suspended from school because of him. Just prior to Lucas finding that out, he received a call from a distant relative (his Dad’s cousin’s brother-in-law) who had a house that he was willing to offer a room for Lucas. Lucas quickly made the call. He said they were happy to have him stay with them. Their older son was going to give up his room. Lucas said he didn’t need to but the son insisted. In fact, they said when they bought the home just recently they decided as a family that they wanted to have one of the rooms in their home made available for people that God may send their way. All they wanted in return was for Lucas to teach their son some guitar lessons. Lucas was thrilled. The last time I spoke with Lucas he said he had gone to the grocery store to get some food and when he brought it home the “mom” said he didn’t have to buy any more food. They wanted to provide his food for him as well. It makes me cry even just to type this. I write this to you because I want to boast about the goodness of God. In Psalm 27:13, it says, “I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Not that I was in despair…..I just like to see God’s goodness. I also want to boast about the goodness of God’s people. There is no way I could repay them for the kindness they have shown to my son. But I pray that God rewards them in ways that go beyond anything I could offer them!

Seeing God answer this prayer in such an incredible way reminds me that God does answer our prayers sometimes in ways that are unexpected!  I’m continually amazed at the overwhelming goodness and love that God has for us. Stories like this encourage me that God does answer prayers. Thanks again for your prayers for our family and for my healing.  They mean so much to us.

20 responses to “Boasting in the Lord

  1. efchristi says:

    Our daily prayers are for you and the family.
    Walk daily with God at your side.


  2. Elaine Goerne says:

    I had tears in my eyes while reading this! What an incredible blessing God has placed not only upon Lucas, but your entire family.

    We complain about such trivial things in our lives at times, when there are so many others who truly have needs beyond what we can even imagine. Thank you for opening my eyes:)

    I continue to pray for complete healing for you and continue to sing your song, “Lana na-na, Lana na-na, hey, hey, cancer—-Goodbye!”

    You are a blessing and an encourager. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    Elaine Goerne

  3. Jean Abbott says:

    Continuing to pray for you all. You are an inspiration to my whole family!

  4. Lana, your witness to God’s glory is also water for my soul. May the storehouses of heavenly wisdom open upon you this week. I will be in prayer for your decision as well.
    Love, Barb

  5. Thank you for your beautiful testimony….prayer and blessings continue for you and your family!!!

  6. Lorr says:

    Lana, I don’t know you personally, but you are an inspiration. Because of what’s happened to you I am learning to pray and have been praying for you. I have never been a great pray-er, always busy doing, no time to sit and listen to God or people, and I have made many great mistakes because of this. I have been receiving Eric’s thoughts for the day for a few years now, and when he said about your illness, I started to pray. I’m not really good at it. Hey, I’m still every day running around, but God is good and I’ve come to realise that He knows our bones, He knows our mistakes and He just wants to be ‘in on our journey’. I’m sitting in Wales, in the UK, its Sunday 18th, its my 50th Birthday and I pray for you and your healing. xxxx

  7. Renee Deming says:

    I’m here in FL praying for you. I wanted to respond because of your remarks on Lucas. I have a son that has been that position while in school and know how Mom’s worry. Here is something I read this morning.

    Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

    Take Care,
    Renee 1 Peter 5:7

  8. Darrel says:

    I hope this story brings you encouragement.

    (This is my first hand account of the Tyler McGinn MIRACLE!)

    Last night, I was out having dinner with Jane when my phoned rang. I looked at my caller ID and saw that it was from Ron McGinn. My heart sinks when I get calls from him. He said Pastor Kevin, please put out an immediate prayer request for my son Tyler. He is in crisis and the doctors are trying to save him. Then he hung up the phone. I could tell it was urgent and scary just from the tone in his voice.

    After getting in touch with Pastor Christina to put out the prayer request, I dropped Jane off at home and drove to the hospital. My heart was pounding as I prayed for Tyler and drove way to fast down the highway. I wanted to get there as quick as possible, before anything happened.

    As I got to the 7th floor of the PICU Children’s Center at Hopkins, I made my way to Tyler’s room. There were about 7-8 doctors or nurses in the room. Tyler looked gray and I could tell he was dying. I have been around death many times, so I knew right away that this was the end. A nurse looked at my name badge and then directed me to a room across the hall where the family had gathered with two doctors. As I walked into the room, I was overwhelmed with grief and pain. Ron and Diane were both crying. The doctors were crying. They were hugging each other. The doctors were expressing their sorrow and the McGinn’s were expressing their appreciation to the doctors for all they had done for Tyler. At that moment, I realized it was over. It was time to help this family let go! I did not say much; I just sat with them and listened. Words really don’t matter at these times.

    The doctors told Ron and Dianne that they were preparing Tyler for them. They were cleaning him up so Diane and Ron could be with him as he breathed his final breath. Tyler’s only concern was that he would not die alone, so Diane was going to lie down in bed and hold him as he passed away. My heart was so broken, but I was numb! I was in shock! As we all sat in the little room waiting for the doctors to give the okay to Ron and Dianne, we began to talk about Tyler’s funeral. Dianne asked about how many people could fit in the Crossroads gym verses the Chapelgate gym. Then the conversation would switch back to the present grief of Tyler passing away. Tears would stream down Dianne’s face as she was overwhelmed with grief.

    Just before the doctor’s gave the McGinn’s the okay to go in the room with Tyler, Dianne looked at Ron and said, “What happens if Tyler is healed while I am laying in bed holding him?” Ron looked at her and smiled, “We will just Praise God!!” I sat and watch this exchanged with amazement! I thought to myself, they still believe that God is going to heal him!

    As Ron and Dianne went into the room with Tyler, my heart sank! I started to shed some tears! I was upset and troubled! So many people had prayed, we just had an amazing Prayer Vigil the night before, and I wanted to see a miracle. The doctors said it could be 1-2 hours for his body to fully shut down because his heart was so strong. I thought again to myself, how heart wrenching for Ron and Dianne! I stood in the hallway waiting and praying. Dianne said in her Care Bridge Journal,

    “Then I climbed into bed with Tyler for the last time. I told him how amazing Heaven was going to be for him, how beautiful and perfect and pain-free and sorrow-free. Ron and I said all our last words to him, all the while still hoping for a miracle. His oncology fellow who first met Tyler on 9/7/11 said her good-byes and cried as well – she has come to love Tyler. As we watched the monitors, we saw his levels sink lower and lower.”

    About 45 minutes after the McGinn’s went into the room with Tyler, Ron came out and asked the doctors why his vital signs were improving. The doctors assured Ron that this was normal, but said emphatically Tyler was going to pass away. Ron looked at me and said “I think God is doing a miracle.” Dianne began to shift from talking to Tyler about heaven to praying for his healing. She writes,

    “Ron left the room for a moment, and I lay with Tyler some more. Instead of talking to him as I had been, I started praying. Thinking of the Centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant who was far away by just speaking the word (Luke 7:1-10), I asked God to speak life into my boy’s lungs, heart, stomach, etc. I prayed this over and over, naming as many organs as I could think of. While I prayed, many, many others were praying as well.”

    The door was open to Tyler’s room, so I decided to go in and see Tyler. I could not believe my eyes, his color was good, he looked peaceful, his vital signs were improving. Dianne gave me a smile and I said to myself, “could this be a miracle”. I remembered back to the time when I heard the news about Tyler’s Leukemia, I asked God to show me a miracle with my own eyes. I have read about them and heard other accounts, but I wanted to see one with my own eyes. I said, “Lord could it be?” Ron even said to me, I think God was going to take Tyler to the brink of death and then heal him. All these thoughts were racing through my head, as time seemed to stand still.

    Over the next few hours, the doctors were all without explanation for this sudden turn of events. One of Tyler’s doctor’s look at me and put her hands up and shook her head with disbelief. She was the same doctor who told Ron that Tyler was going pass away. Please don’t get the wrong impression of this doctor. She is good and she cares deeply for Tyler. She stayed beyond her shift into the early morning hours with Tyler. But this was beyond her! God was doing something beyond the doctors. Tyler was improving right before our eyes!

    About four hours after the McGinn’s went into the room to say goodbye to Tyler, Tyler began to move around, squint his eyes and move his head. Ron, Dianne, Karen (Dianne’s sister – who had been a quiet strong presence all evening), Doctor Kristen, the nurse on duty and myself were all present when Ron asked Tyler to squint his eyes if he could hear him. To all of our amazement he responded instantly! This is a young man who was under heavy sedation for 4-5 weeks! We were all a blown away and began to give each other high fives!

    It was clear to me at this point, Tyler was not going to die! God had touched him and my heart was overwhelmed by His power! I stayed just a little while longer. The McGinn’s were going to stay with Tyler all night. Before I left, I prayed with Tyler and the McGinn’s. I had peace and I could rest! As I made my way home slowly, tears rolled down my face as I sang to the Lord and praised Him!

    I got home around 2AM and just before I went to bed, my cell phone rang! It was Ron McGinn. This time his voice was filled with true joy and excitement. He said a new x-ray showed that Tyler’s lungs were the best they had been in over 4 weeks. Truly a miracle has happened! Dianne writes in her journal,

    “The doctor was too curious about what had happened in Tyler’s lungs to wait for the 6AM xray, and ordered one. She was astounded and grinning as she showed us the before and after xrays – Tyler’s lungs look better than they have in weeks! In fact, the lower lobes of his lungs haven’t looked this good since his lungs first got in trouble.”

    The rest of the story is still being written. Tyler still has a long ways to go. But I am confident in the ONE who has done amazing things so far! God is able to do exceedingly more than I could ever dream or imagine! God is able! All for His Glory! Keep praying and keep believing!

    • sangeetha says:

      Living in India and reading such an amazing miracle is just awesome! It’s so true that God sees the beginning from the end – May Tyler live long to speak about the Creator and Life Giver’s goodness to his children and great grand children as well. Cheers to Dianne’s and Ron’s faith – I appreciate it as much as our GOD does.
      Stay Blessed always!


  9. Gayle Trowbridge says:

    Lana, I pray for you everytime I read Eric’s sermons, or this day’s thoughts. I’m a Mom too, and I understand your heart for your son’s living situation! Praise God for his goodness. I pray he heals you completely, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. God’s Peace be to you and your family.

  10. Teresa Porzelius says:

    The “God story” on Lucas is very encouraging – thanks for sharing. I believe God is
    telling you He has Lucas in the palm of His hand. Praying for you and your family.

    Love, Teresa

  11. Is anything too hard for the LORD? I will return to you at the appointed time next year and Sarah will have a son Genesis 18:14

    “Then came the word of the Lord unto Jeremiah, saying, Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for Me?” Jeremiah 32:26, 27

    Trusting the God of possibilities for you Lana

  12. Beena Abraham says:

    Yes there is Nothing impossible for Our God ….When Jesus is with you nothing can attack you.We all are praying for you…John 15:7 says -‘ If you remain in me and my words remain in you,then if you ask anything you wish,and you shall have it.’ So dont worry everything is going to be alright in His own time…God Bless.

  13. Martha Hughes says:

    As a mom sometimes I am so concerned about the situations my children find themselves in. I always remind myself though that God is using these things to help my sons mature in their faith, and put their trust more and more in him. What a wonderful testimony of the care and love of God for your son Lucas. Oh, and I never give up the praying for them.



  15. Sonny says:

    Hello Lana. I am Sonny. Your husband prayed for me 7 years ago when I was feeling pain in my head and we had no insurance. I lost my job two weeks after my family arrived from the Philippines. I went to google and the first site that came up was I wrote an email to God asking Him for help and submitted it to the Ranch Website. This was October 2005. I did not know this then but Eric set aside my email for later reply but he did pray for me at the time he received the email I had written. Around that time the pains became less frequent and less painful. When Eric emailed me a very touching email on Nov. 18, I joyfully informed him on Nov. 20 that I will start a job on Nov 21, a job that provided health insurance coverage right away. I was able to see a doctor the following month. I have not felt that pain since 2005.

    Here is the prayer Eric prayed for me…7 years ago.

    “I just wanted to encourage you that God certainly does hear your requests, and that He does care for your family as much as You do, even more, as He created them. I appreciate your desire to meet their needs and care for them, and I know God appreciates it, too.

    “I want to pray that God would continue to heal you, directly or indirectly, through a doctor or not, and that He would so bless you and your family that they would see His glory in everything that you do. Father, I ask that You would pour out your blessings on Sonny and his wife and children. Lord, we don’t know what form or shape those blessings might take, but we know that when we ask you for bread, you won’t give us a stone. Lord, I pray that Your hand would be upon their lives. Continue to speak into their hearts and minds, through the words of the Bible and even directly from Your Spirit to their spirit. Lord, we invite the Holy Spirit into these situations to work and do all that He wants to do. We pray this all in Jesus’ name, Amen”

    I share this with you now so you know that the seed planted in me by your husband has borne fruit in so many ways that I continue to be amazed! I often ask myself what would have happened if the Elder family had not set up the website? Where would I have sent my email to God? Would the recipient allow himself or herself to be as much of a blessing to my family as Eric had allowed himself to be?

    A few of those fruits include friends and family around the world now praying for you, Eric and your children. Among them are friends I may not have met had I given up and given in to my sorrows 7 years ago. Your husband held me and my family up in prayer then. That single act strengthened my faith. And that has made all the difference.

    Father You are Jehovah Uzzi, the Lord, my Strength. You are Jehovah Rophe, the Lord my Healer. You are also Jehovah Jireh, the Lord, my Provider. I lay before You Father Your servant, Lana Elder, wife of Your servant, Pastor Eric Elder. She is in need of Your strength and healing as she fights stage 4 breast cancer. In Your mercy, I humbly approach Your throne and ask You to please include in Your will, the healing Lana. I lay before Your throne her needs as I pray for Your provisions for her and her family. Thank You for Your strength, healing touch and provisions Father. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

  16. Eddie Erlank says:

    Dear Lana,
    I am so happy for you that Lucas has found a place to stay.
    Not only is it a blessing for him but it also provides such tranquility to you at a time that you should not be under any outside or unnecessary stress.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you in the days that follow and during which you will consult with your doctor again about the pain in your back.
    May God’s healing hand truly be on you and I look forward to the confirmation of this.
    With kid and warm regards,
    Eddie Erlank

  17. Karen Gillan says:

    Dearest Lana, Eric & entire clan,

    Know that we are praying for you and your entire family! You are loved and appreciated more than you know!

  18. Jensen Macaspac says:

    Hello Lana,
    Truly God is amazing!And I’m so excited hearing new stories and updates in your condition!
    I’m really admire you because you believe and trust God in your difficult moment!May God continue to sustain you and continue to do miracles in your life, and hoping that throught this situation you have right now will bring glory to name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    in Christ,

  19. barbararoot says:

    Lana, I have joined the worldwide prayer for continued shrinkage in the breast and for that to affect the other parts of your body. I’ve kept up with all your messages and you are prayed for each day. I’ve been looking at that lovely album you made me when we left Gridley–that was such a happy chapter in our life. When your first biopsy was diagnosed, I was certain you could be an overcomer because I had been through the same thing. My faith hit the basement as my card to you indicated when I heard what happened the following month. You are so positive and HE shines through you, Lana. I was so pleased to hear that Lucas is here at Hillsong and that God is looking after him too. Would you mind giving me his address? I would like to write to him, and to pray for him, too. With love and continuing prayer to all the Elders….Barb

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