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I'm believin'!

Lana’s Hope

on October 12, 2012

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the title of my blog, “I’m Believin’!”

I picked that title because I had so many people praying for me and I would always agree in prayer with them and end by saying “I’m believin’!” I really do believe God can do anything, absolutely anything.

I have believed in God for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until after college that I decided to really get to know Him better. I joined a Bible study and found a great church to join. And through it all I have come to know Jesus as the savior of my sins, my healer, my friend, my everything! My relationship with Him has grown over the years so much so that I trust He is helping me to help me make the best decisions each day.

So being in a situation like this, where death could happen at any time, I have no worries for myself if that happens. I’ve spent so much time with Jesus already that it’ll be like going home to see my friend.

I love to take walks in the country and many times I’ll listen to some worship songs or contemporary Christian music or podcasts. During these times, I’m often overwhelmed with how much God loves me. I’ve been memorizing Scripture and listening to great worship songs for over 25 years.  The words to these songs and so many scriptures are embedded deep in my heart. So when cancer came, I didn’t question God’s love for me. I already knew He loved me to pieces, just like I know He loves you to pieces.

But lately I’ve been wondering what people will think if I were to die from this cancer. I wonder if people would lose their faith in God or lose their faith in His ability to heal people miraculously. I would be so sad and disappointed if anyone lost their faith, or part of their faith, if I’m not healed.

I pray often for my children and others reading this that their faith would not be shaken if I were to die, but that they would know that God is in control and is always looking out for what’s best in each person’s life. I am quite confident that He who began a good work in me will carry it on until completion.

My faith isn’t dependent on whether I’m healed or not. My faith is dependent upon the fact that Jesus died for my sins so I could spend eternity with Him in heaven and I know God loves me and will work all things for good in the end.

I’m sure the early disciples, who were martyred for their faith, prayed that God would deliver them. And many times, God did deliver them. But other times God had a plan to use their suffering and death to bring about the salvation of many people. God really does have a will for each of our lives that is unique and purposeful.

I have great hope that God can heal me, but my hope is in Him completely no matter what. I know I can’t go wrong by putting my hope in Him. As Psalm 25:3 says:

“No one whose hope is in You
     will ever be put to shame…”

Having said all of that, I’m still praying that God would heal me completely, and I’d love for you to continue praying for my healing, too. My appointment yesterday showed my blood levels were too low to receive any chemo. So I will be having a blood transfusion tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 3:00 pm. Please pray that my platelets will also come up. Right now they are at 30,000 but they need to at least double or triple before they can continue with any treatments. And lastly and most importantly (at least for my body) please pray for my bones because they seem to be giving me the most pain. Some new pain medications have helped but the pain is still there. BTW, I’m starting to get feeling in my left thumb and left foot again, since switching to this new chemo. Praise God and thanks for your prayers! They are a little numb but I can tell they are on the way to recovery.

Before I close, I wanted to share a link with you to a new video Eric recently did for a film project called Nouvelle Vie (New Life) to give hope to families facing cancer. This video was filmed a few months ago when Eric was in Dallas, but we just found out you can watch it online. I was surprised when I saw the title they gave it. It’s called “Eric’s Hope.” I had no idea what they were going to call it when I first started writing this note to you and titled it “Lana’s Hope.” It’s like God had it all planned out, to share a message of hope with you today from both of us! Here’s the link to the video (just to warn you, you may want to get a Kleenex first!)

As you can tell from the video, my life has been so blessed to be married to Eric. It’s like being married to Jesus (I’m not kidding!) He’s the rock in our family and he’s been a super caretaker these last few months. He’s kind, tender-hearted, and just a great godly man.

There’s so much I have to be thankful for in life, from my great husband and my wonderful kids, to the friends and family like you all that have been so gracious in your care for me and in your prayers.

I love you all!

39 responses to “Lana’s Hope

  1. Stewart M. says:

    Thank you!
    You both are very inspirational.
    Bless you!

  2. Nadine Wetz says:

    There is always hope in Jesus, miracles happen everyday, we just don’t always expect, see or appreciate them. I pray for Lanas complete healing of cancer, I pray for comfort and strengthening. I praythe Lord will eradicate all trace of cancer from her body, in th precious name of Jesus Christ.

  3. Juanita Cook says:

    I pray that God blesses you with a complete healing from your cancer. Both of you are such an inspiration for all of us. praying for you and your family.

  4. Betty Kirkland says:

    What a wonderful message Lana.
    God bless you. Am still praying

  5. Nsaba Buturo says:

    Great teaching, great testimony and dare I say, inspirational woman of God. For all this and much more, I agree with Psalm 25:3. Remain blessed warrior.


  6. Victor Carviis says:

    Lana, Your message to all of us is a message from God through you and Eric. We see His unparalleled love that gives us the hope and courage to persevere. His plan for us may be a mystery at times, but it is never without His good purpose for our lives. I believe He can heal you and pray for that healing always as do all the saints here..Should He choose to glorify Himself in your healing, then PRAISE GOD! However, should He decide to bring you home… then PRAISE GOD! My faith is not shaken nor should it be to any of the saints. Certainly we believe in His healing powers, but we can’t know His will in all cases. “His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.”

    Take heart, Lana and Eric, that He is in control of all our lives and wishes nothing but the best for us. We only have to read the book of Job to understand how life doesn’t necessarily follow our plans at the moment we see things happening.. but in the end He is always glorified and we are blessed. We become stronger in our faith through adversity. My heart yearns for His healing for you, Lana. I hope and pray to see it in this world. But if He has other plans, I am eagerly awaiting to see His glorification in them. I hope I don’t sound discouraging in this, but I have seen the Lord’s blessings unfold in so many strange manners that I am uplifted to know He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent in all our lives.

    What we see in the world today is most depressing as a whole to carnal man, but it is spelled out in His Word so that we, the saints, can understand and take comfort in knowing that His coming is soon to take away all pain and suffering. We see the signs of the times, and take heart to know that our Lord is soon to gather His bride, the church, and then reign as King of Kings for all eternity. I just pray for you and the entire Elder family to stand firm in your faith and take comfort in Him now. Pray for His will to be done, and \we pray with and for all you guys.

    “Maranatha, Lord Jesus!”

    In His Love..


  7. Donald Stewart says:

    Dear Lana,
    Your faith is truly inspiring! I have been praying for you for some time, and have been following your progress through Marilyn. Who knows what God has planned for any of us? We can only persevere and trust that everything has a purpose in our life. Though I have only seen photos of you, I feel a close kinship, and feel like I know you somehow. I have spoken with Eric, while participating in one of his learning videos on self-publishing.

    I want you to know that I have seen the “other side,” and know what awaits us when we leave this mortal body–and that which awaits is ecstasy! We are here for only a short time, and are given certain challenges and things to accomplish, while we are present in the body. I would say that you have well fulfilled your task on this earth by serving as a beacon of light to others. You certainly have inspired me with the strength to carry on, even though my own affliction is difficult to bear. Thank you for giving hope and encouragement to so many! God Bless You, Lana. I do so wish we all had the knowledge of healing, which Christ demonstrated so often. I pray and pray that you will be healed, and will continue with your mission on earth. With deepest respect and abiding Love, your servant, Donald Stewart.

  8. Brenda says:

    What a wonderful message. Thanks for sharing from your heart and living out Jesus in such a way that we can see Him through you. You are an inspiration to many….and Eric thanks for the message of Hope that you gave. We are blessed by your friendship and ministry and love you guys so much.

    We will pray for the specific things you mentioned and also for continued healing. To God be the Glory!

  9. Lynn says:

    Hi dear Lana,
    I am up early saying my prayers. I have chemo.#4 on Tues. of this week. When I sit in the chair, I take time to pray for women, like us. I will continue to keep you, Vicki, Silva, Laura, Shirley,Tracy, Karen, and Kathy in my prayers to Jesus. Here is a verse for us: “God is Love… Because He loves us so much, we never have to be afraid. His love makes fear go away.” 1John 4:18

  10. Kathie says:

    May the Lord fill you each of you with His love and courage and may you experience His peace which passes all understanding. Praying for your healing. Thank you for your faithful example. I pray the Lord will be so near to you, Eric and your dear family.

  11. Doug says:

    Thanks for the encouraging notes of faith. The good news each year is that the doctors can do more and more each year. The bad news is that the death rate is still the same — 100% (whether you have cancer or not). … or is that the bad news?

  12. Elaine Goerne says:

    You continue to be such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your life with us:)

  13. Thank you Lana for sharing. Your faith is great and I do beliieve that all things work together for the good. We don’t always understand God’s ways, but rest assured he is in control. I want to share my testimony with you. A few months back you wrote and wanted people to send prayer requests as you wanted to give back to those who were praying for you. I wrote about the torment that I had been suffering for the last 37 years of my life,, that I belived I had an offensive body odor and that people would not sit next to me and that they were laughing and talking about me behind my back. I am a teacher, and I also heard voices coming from my students talking about how I smelled badly. Praise God that prayer has been answered. The torment is gone. I at times lose my faith about the healing, but God spoke to me through a friend saying that “I have prayed for you that your faith fail not’ Tears welll up in my eyes, as I reflect on the awesome God that we serve and that he loves us very much. True believers understand that however God answers our prayers, we must trust him completely. I have been having marital problems and I prayed that God’s will be done concerning our marriage. In my heart I was hoping that God would change my husband, but instead, my husband ended up moving out of the house. God knows what is best for me as my husband has been causing me grief with his infidelity in our marriage for the last 37 years. God will get the glory out of my life through this situation some way. That is what I am trying to live for that through my life and circumstances that someone my see Him in me and they too will ask the question “what must I do to be saved”. Rest assured sweetheart, that God does all things well and he has your best interest in mind. I will continue to pray for you. Keep the faith. God cares for all of us. He loves you so much that he gave His life so that we can have fellowship with Him.

  14. Taiwo says:

    Thank you for sharing your hope with us. And I will continue to believe for God’s will and peace for you all in this time of your great need. God is love, He is faithful, He hears us when we call and He knows best.
    Love & blessings.

  15. Jean Abbott says:

    Thank you for all you and your family are! You are truly an inspirational family. Continuing to pray for everybody. Sending you lots of hugs.

  16. Cheryl Williams says:

    Lana, you are spot on! What a sensitive woman you are and I can easily see how God is using you for His glory. Isn’t it awesome the companion we have in Him, that He knows us so well and is faithful in His plan for us. Give up our faith in Him to the Lord-He will take control of that part-just feel free to write the words He gives you to speak. I’m so glad to hear about your numbness receding. And it’s always good to know the specifics that I can pray for. May God shower you with blessings today. 🙂

  17. Joyce says:

    Jesus is so awesome.


    Hello Lana,your write up almost made me shed tears!I still strongly believe that God is in control! Lana,I just read about SOURSOP AND ITS EFFECT ON CANCER.I only googled it and I feel you or Eric should please do same.GOD BE WITH YOU.

  19. Janet Kotecki says:

    The video Eric did was amazing. I watched it over and over. Praying for you and your family always.

    Sent from my iPhone Janet Kotecki Sales Director Mary Kay Cosmetics Have a Great day!

  20. Kemboi says:

    Wow Lana! First what a powerfull title ‘Am Belivin’ it is a on going believing. I really envy your attitude. I ask the Lord if it is His will to remove this torn in you. Am praying with you Lana! And hoping that God’s grace is sufficient in you. Amen and Amen.

  21. Scott Schrock says:

    I believe we are to be a blessing to others because we are blessed, you are an example beyond words of that to me and to all that come in contact with you. Love alway’s, Scott

  22. Merle Platel says:

    Dear Lana, You are a wonderful person, & I will continue praying for your complete healing. God is indeed in control, & no matter what, I hope that your faith & tremendous courage will give hope to others who are in the same situation ( more or less). I love you & may God bless you & your wonderful caring family.

  23. sanvan says:

    Yes I certainly needed those tissues Lana. Although I have a strong belief in God when I see and hear about the suffering good people like yourselves are experiencing I do feel bewildered and angry and ask “Why”, so your current blog was very timely indeed. As my auntie Beryl used to say “it’s all in God’s hands” and I will continue to pray for you and Eric and your lovely family. Keep your chin up.

  24. Haleigh Martin says:

    much love Lana!!! You are in my prayers tonight 🙂 –Haleigh Martin

  25. chung says:

    Dearest Lana,

    It’s heartwarming to hear from you again.

    Its been such an inspiring life you and your family have led. sometimes just looking at the family photos leaves such a strong desire and ideal role model for younger Christians to pursue. You’ve been a beacon of light, one so full of hope, faith, true joy and love. You and Eric have really glorified God so much.

    Sometimes, we know not where He’ll lead us, BUT it’s enough to know WHO leads us, WHO holds our hand, WHO carries us when we’re tired. And I know it will be something wonderful, somewhere amazing.

    You’ll never be alone. We’ll continue to keep you, Eric and family closeey in prayers.

    You may not see it, but know that His light shines so brightly through you.

    love and blessings,

  26. Carrie Brown says:


    Your recent post only reinforces the Lana I have known since high school. So kind, cheerful, thoughtful and always caring of others feelings. At this most difficult time in your life, you are worried about the rest of us. So typical of you. I can tell you for myself, my faith is not shaken by God’s will being done in this world. So many times things happen beyond our understanding and without faith, I am not sure how anyone copes. My faith has strengthened as I have kept up with your battle through these posts. I see how God has given you the acceptance to face this challenge and He has given you and your family incredible courage. I will never give up on the miracle, as you truly deserve one. But, our wisdom is not God’s and the ultimate test of our faith is trust. You have certainly passed the test. Your Eric is a gem, Lana. I am so happy I had a chance to get to know him better through the video. What an expression of love the video is. Take care ok and know that my heart is with you daily. Prayers are unceasing.

    With love, Carrie Brown

  27. Megan says:

    We are praying for you, Lana. You sound like such a beautiful person and your strong faith is so inspiring! What a heartfelt video from Eric – I can see there is so much love in your family and in your marriage. Take care of yourself and you are in our prayers.

  28. Henry says:

    Elder Family, I am keeping you in my prayers, and I look forward to getting to know you all and growing with you in small group, what an awesome family a true testimony of the love of Christ.
    I have seen God give clean bills of health through prayer, times where cancer has disappeared completely before treatment and times where a person gets treatment. So I have much hope for you Lana our Lord is Yahweh Ropheha, the best physician, and you have the best insurance your covered through Jesus Care.

  29. Tina Aycock says:

    Lana You are such an amazing person. Your hope is so powerful. I pray healing upon you, that all traces of cancer be lifted from your body. I also pray strength and comfort for you and your family. I know the Lord heals and blesses. I prey that He heals you and blesses you with the miracle of no more cancer. In Jesus precious name Amen.

  30. Susan Jones says:

    What an incredible testimony. I feel as if you are dear friends even though our relationship is a “virtual” one. I pray that God will be glorified through everything that is taking place right now. I pray for a miracle of healing and know that our God is able.

  31. Kathleen Garrett Jutte says:

    Lana, I prayed for you for the first time last night. I will continue to pray for you everyday, in fact many times a day. I feel like I talk to our Lord constantly, because it has become so natural for me. I don’t know how I found your posts, but God does lead us if we listen, and I feel like he led me to you. A good friend of my since childhood died last year. He was a good Christian man and young.. A preacher in fact, that had just received his PhD in Christian counciling. Why? I struggled with it for a while until I listened to one of his sermons from a week before his unexpected death. He quoted apostle Paul “To die is gain” My friend went on to say to be in heaven with God sounds pretty good to me. I now believe that it is a reward to die. I am ready as I am sure you are. We don’t want to cause our loved ones to suffer and be grief stricken, but know that it can’t be avoided. I am not sick, other than severe back disease and depression, but i am ready whenever it is time.They will miss us when we leave this world. I think it is so important to encourage people that when it is our time, to know that God DID NOT FAIL US….. it was our time, it was God’s will. Thank you for your blog. God Bless You.
    Kathy Jutte

  32. Eddie Erlank says:

    What a WONDERFUL positive, if not inspirational message Lana. Just to let you know that I pray for you EVERY morning and EVERY evening. Your faith and it’s basis is more than an example to all those who have got to know you over the past months. I know that God has a plan for you and even so, I pray that His plan and Your plan have much in common. Take care of yourself.

  33. Eddie Erlank says:

    Lana, I just looked at Eric’s WONDERFUL video clip. What a testimony to your relationship and what an example to the world. May God bless you and keep you, and, as Eric says “Wherever Love is involved, Love Never fails” !!

  34. Susan Ainsley says:

    Sweet Lana, Please know i feel everyday deep in my soul that you will be fine!!!! You are Our Miracle and not for one moment in time do I ever doubt that!!! Believe in yourself like never before!! You are so loved for the beautiful person who you are!!!!!! Please feel that love deep in your heart and be that miracle I know you are!!! Thinking of you always and God will bless you !!! With great love The Ainsleys

  35. Jana Schrag Schopp says:

    Lana, you don’t know me but I grew up in Chenoa. I’m a few years older than Eric and knew him and his family. Our mothers worked together at the nursing home. Thank you for sharing so beautifully! Your faith is an incredible witness to God’s truly amazing grace! The video that Eric did was a testament to what a marriage in Christ is! Please know that I am holding you, Eric and your family close in my prayers! God bless!
    In His love, Jana Schrag Schopp

  36. Roger says:

    Pray for all who suffer and “contend” as Lana is doing that they will remain Faithful and not waver. As our ‘enemy’ roams, seeks to devour, we must all know that such is not God’s perfect will but what occurs in our imperfect world. The analogy of “holding the line” is known to all combatants and yet we know that sometimes the best ‘forces’ are overwhelmed and overrun. Yet others will again seek to “hold the line” and, as Believers, we must follow Lana’s “warrior” example of holding that line of Faith and Hope, Belief in Him both in the here and now and the hereafter. For those pains we suffer now are as nothing when compared to the eternity of joy we’ll have with Him and ours when that time comes for us all. God Bless Lana, her husband and family and keep us all strong in Faith. Hang tough!

  37. Grace says:

    Holy Spirit please visit Lana’s home, encourage the family, speak to them of how much they are loved, you will never leave them not for a moment. Please bring Lana the relief she needs in her body tonight , In Jesus Name I ask AMEN

  38. Barbara Root says:

    Have read this many times and praying every day. There is no hope other than Jesus Christ. Barb

  39. jerona curry says:

    i hope you know how much of an inspiration you truly are. Your post today really helped to encourage me like you would not believe. You are my sister in Christ and i love you even though we’ve never met. Continue to allow God’s purpose to be manifested in your life. Will continue to pray for your healing. Your husband will ceratinly be blessed as he continues to bless others and to take care of you and your family. Much love, Jerona in The Bahamas.

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