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A Big Thank You!

on November 3, 2012

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayer and concern for us! It has been a busy couple of weeks, but we’ve been encouraged by your cards, letters, emails, and gifts. They really do encourage us and give us the strength to carry on.

In my last blog update, I asked you for prayer for my blood platelets to increase, but unfortunately they’ve been going down.  The doctors have been giving me more platelets over the past few weeks.  That has helped the platelets increase for awhile, but then they go back down again.  In fact, I was at the hospital last night getting another platelet transfusion.

The doctors say that my blood work is not strong enough to take any more chemo, and I’m not eligible to do any clinical trials or experimental drugs either because of my blood work being so low. The up side of this is that I won’t have to have any more side effects of the chemo.  The down side is that the cancer will continue to take over the good cells.

The doctors say this puts me “between a rock and a hard place.”  But the truth is, I’m just “resting in the shadow of the Almighty,” as Psalm 91 says:

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
   will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress,
   my God, in whom I trust’” (Psalm 91:1-2).

I still believe God could heal me at any time.  But my hope isn’t just in healing.  My hope is in God.  He’s been so good to me, and I’ve been so blessed even in the last few weeks.  My kids have all been home this week to spend some time here with our family.  Here’s a picture of us all from a couple days ago.

I wish the news was better medically, but I have so much to be thankful for.  I truly have no worries about the future, as I know that God has it all under control.  Please continue to pray for me and my family as we go through this.  And thank you for going through this with us, too, by your prayers and encouragement.  We really appreciate you being there for us in so many ways.

With much love,

55 responses to “A Big Thank You!

  1. Joni Huber says:

    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers every day. We all send our love. And, we love you all.

  2. Jayne says:

    May God continue to bless you and your family as you proceed on your journey. Having the love of your family is everything. You are truly blessed.

  3. Tom Krieger says:

    Of course Helen and I will continue to pray for you and your family. Stay strong and keep standing!

  4. I will pray for you and your family that God almighty will be with you and heal you. God loves you and your beautiful family.

  5. Jean Abbott says:

    Praying for you and your family every day. You are so amazing and such an inspiration. With much love and prayers.

  6. says:

    Dear Lana, I am glad that your children have been home with you. You are such a wonderful mother and have raised great kids. I continue to pray for you. Your words are always so encouraging. I know that God has given you the strength to carry on each day. We went our love.

  7. Betty Kirkland says:

    God bless you. Keep praying. I will

  8. Flo Schuler says:

    Indeed we have been praying for you and as for me, I have been praying especially for your husband and children that they would have the same kind of peace that you do and that this would not shake there faith in Christ. May the joy of the Lord be your strength and may the Holy Spirit cradle you in the comforting arms of God.

  9. Kathie says:

    Lifting you and your loved ones to the Lord.

  10. Joe Rohde says:

    Eric, Lana, and children. I pray for you and think of you often. I will send this to our church to update our church’s prayer list

  11. Sarah Thomas says:

    I pray for you all.
    Lana you have all made such a difference to my life and I want to thank you for sharing your faith with us all.I was brouight up in a slightly Christian home but didn’t really think about it much untill about 10 years ago. I have now been baptisted and my lige is full of Christ and God.Following your post and your family helps me renew this.
    I pray God gives you all strength and I pray for your healing.
    My thought are with you allx

  12. Laurell Couvillier says:

    I pray in Jesus name for your healing and if it is not His will to heal you then I pray that He takes away your pain. I also pray for God to bless your family and comfort them at this time in your lives. May God continue to bless you and you keep the faith because one day you will be standing in His glory. My heart and prayers are with you all.

  13. Patty Ann says:

    Thank you, Lana, for the beautiful blessing that you are. My prayers continue for all of you. Much love to you. Patty Ann

  14. clolivero says:

    Lana–You remind me of Zelie Martin,– St. Theres of Lisieux,’s mother. Zelie went through the same struggle you are going through. and in the end I feel that it was the faith of Zelie that gave all of her children the graces to serve the Lord as Carmalite Sisters, and become exemplary children to be imitated by others.

    What an inspiration you are not only to us in you blogs, but to your whole family. What Zelie gave to little Therese at four (4) years of age carried little Therese to succeed as a great Saint.

    Your “mission” will not be wasted not only for your family but also to those of us who pray for your healing and were able to read and follow your life.

    With all our love–Carlo, Liz and the kids.

  15. Diane M says:

    Dear Lana,
    Thank you for the update. I am so glad you have all the kids home for awhile. I continue to pray for God’s daily intervention for you and your family and his blessing to each of you. I thank him also for your faith and your hope in the Lord, regardless of the circumstances.
    With love,

  16. Carol Robb says:

    We are praying for you Lana! We hoped to see you in September when we were out there, but you were in California, I believe. Just wanted you to know how much you mean to us, and to let you know that we are hoping in our faithful God for you and your family to see His mighty hand on your lives, and His awesome plan. You are such an encouragement to us! We love you!
    Carol and Tom

  17. Renee Carter says:

    Praying hard and believing strong! You all look wonderful and complete with the whole gang together. Hope you can feel the love we send your way with all our prayers and praises to Him who has such a firm grip on your beautiful family! We love you all !

    In Christ,
    Renee and fam

  18. Nadine Wetz says:

    May the Lord bless and strengthen you, heal and renew you. May His Mighty hand rise over you and eradicate the cancer. In Jesus Christ lies our trust, our faith and our hope. Amen.

  19. meg says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I will keep you and your family in my daily prayers.

  20. Nsaba Buturo says:

    My Sister in the Lord, truly you are remarkable for your faith and love.  My duty is to have hope in our God for your healing.  Your family is remarkable too!  Remain strong and fearless in our Lord.

    Dr Buturo


  21. Denise Danigelis says:

    Dear Lana, Eric & family – I will continue to pray for you and your beautiful family – Your letter is a great testimony of God’s strength, peace, and courage during a very difficult time.

    Love in Christ – Denise (from Michigan)

  22. Lynn says:

    Hi dear Lana, Thank-you for your latest update. On Tuesday, I will be given chemo. treatment #5. This chair time is used to say prayers of love and healing for my brave sisters in Christ, and that includes you:) I also have a husband and a lovely batch of kids to love and be thankful for! My verse to you is from Psalm100:3 “Know that the LORD is God. He made us, and we belong to Him.”

  23. sandra says:

    Your faith and love for your family sustains you in this time, as do the prayers of those you have and will continue to minister to –friends and citizens of heaven! May God rest you and yours in tis season with thankful heats and renewed minds, even as our bodies diminish. I love you, sweet friend and will keep praying for miracles! Sandra


    My thoughts and prayers are with you always . I just read your letter to my son and he told me to tell you to change to super high alkaline diet . God Bless you.

      Barbara Blair-Galligan


  25. Lana, I am overwhelmed at God’s presence in you. Speechless. (Pause* because I really am speechless.)

    Thank you for sharing him so openly, so lovingly, to all of us. I am believing with you everyday that God can do all he purposes to do; that HE WILL always act on our behalf for our good and His glory.

    Love always, Barb Reardon

  26. Juanita Cook says:

    I also believe that God can heal at any time. I pray this for you. You are such a strong and awesome Lady. I love that you keep God in the center of your life even through this hard time in your life. I know that He is well pleased with you. May He wrap His arms around you and give you a complete healing. God’s blessing on you and your family.♥

  27. Nancy Kulik says:

    Dear Lana,
    I believe the Lord would have me encourage you with Isaiah 58:8. Will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Love In Jesus,

  28. Jonie says:

    Praying for you – you and your family are such an inspiration.
    May you all feel our Father’s arms and love encircling you, Jonie

  29. Julie soal says:

    Love peace and joy be with you all for ever from the lord who is omnipotent and ever present. Whose love knows no limits. Be wrapped in his love and upheld by his strength. In christ he gave us everything. God bless. Love and prayers for you all.

  30. Nancy Aupperle says:

    Lana, Eric and family,
    Thank you for sharing from your heart. We sang “Stronger” in our church service this morning and I thought of you Lana. Jesus Christ is stronger, than anyone or anything, He is Lord of all, and over your life too. May He give you His strength, and His peace, and may Jesus’ name continue to be lifted high. Our family continues to pray for you all, Love to all, Nancy A.

  31. Annette says:

    My prayers continue to be with you and your family as He wraps you in His love! May He continue to give you strength and peace! God bless!

  32. Hope and Craig Anderson says:

    Our prayers continue for you and your family. Praying for each and everyone. Bless you!

  33. Dan Patterson says:

    We lift you up in prayer everyday and your family as well. If there is any way we can be of help please let us know. – Pastor Dan & Linda (Chenoa)

  34. Krista Brown says:

    Hi, Lana,
    I have been deficient in leaving you any replies up to this point, though I have checked in with your blog from time to time, and frequently held you (and your family) up in prayer throughout the last difficult months. You have always been and continue to be a blessing and inspiration to all who know you:) God’s love flows through you so clearly and radiates out for all the world to see! I believe that it breaks God’s heart to see a child he loves so much having to endure such suffering (He is the Father of compassion, after all). In ways that I do not understand, all this craziness fits into his perfect plan. One thing of which I am sure – your life is a true testimony to God’s amazing grace!! I am thankful for the time that you got to spend with your whole family this past week. I hope it strengthens you in the days and weeks and months to come. Let me pray: Dear Lord, please heal Lana! We are selfish, and we want to keep her here for many many more years!! We want her to continue to be a blessing to Eric, their children, those of us who know her, and those whose lives she’s yet to touch. We love You, Lord, and know that all things are possible in You. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.
    Much love to you and your family – Krista

  35. Sue Reber says:

    Keeping you and your family in our prayers. What a blessing you are to many!

    ~Sue & Mark Reber
    Flint, Mi

  36. chung says:

    Dear Lana,

    You’ve been kept warm and close in prayers, from over 20,000 miles away. just wanted you to know that.

    You unfailing love and trust in Him has been such a simple, truthful and faith-inspiring testimony. I too am learning to understand that we are all so blessed, so safe, so joyful to be under His love and wings of care.

    Its enough comfort to know Who lead us all 🙂

    We will continue to keep you, Eric and family close in heart and prayers.

    Love and blessings

  37. Dear Lana, its nice to see your family photo. Our prayers and love for you and your family..With regards

    Deepak, Preena and Damita, Ramanathapuram, INDIA

  38. dan mountney says:

    Lana and Eric, i pray for you Daily. sorry you have to go through this, but thank you for being such a huge inspiration to all of us.
    God bless you, and much love!
    Dan Mountney

  39. Carrie Brown says:

    Dear Lana, Eric and Family,

    First of all, thank you for the photo. Your family is simply beautiful and I see your face in each of them, Lana. They have been given such a gift.. amazing parents. And, no doubt each of them have brought unexplainable joy to you and Eric. In this life, I am not sure what more you can achieve. A good family these days is a rare thing. I am so happy you had everyone home, that in itself is a task!!

    My prayers and the prayers of my family are unceasing. There is no doubt that God is carrying you through this Lana and providing all that you need. I had tears streaming down my face as I read your last entry, simply because you are truly such an amazing person. I am sure as you read that line, you are thinking “I am no different than anyone else.” But, that is what makes you are so humble and so very pure of heart.

    Eric, I know we have not met in person, but your love is so apparent for Lana and your family. It is so inspiring to see a man so committed to his wife and family and to his God.

    Take care of each other and know that my love, prayers and concern are with you every day.

    May God continue to show is presence during this journey of faith.

    All my love, Carrie

  40. Wanda Goode says:

    Lana, I just heard about this. So sorry for all you all have been going through! Thank you for your wonderful testimony of trust in God. I know He holds you tightly. We are praying for all of you.
    Wanda Goode

  41. Eddie Erlank says:

    Dear Lana,
    My prayers for you have never ceased and I will continue as always to bring you to the Lord, the Great Healer, in my thoughts, morning and evening. Your attitude is remarkable and we all can learn so much from your testimony. As you say : The Lord can heal you at any moment – and in the meantime I think your quote about “resting in the shadow of the Almighty” is stunning. What a lovely picture of you and your family. I read those verses só often about the woman who believed if she could just touch His garment, the story of the daughter of Jairus, the man who was let down on the bed through the roof, the man with the sick servant who said “I am not worthy to come under your roof” and so many more . . . all stories not only of hope but of incredible faith. May God give you the faith you need to overcome this illness and may He give the knowledge to those treating you to carry you through with grace.
    As always you are in my prayers.

  42. barbararoot says:

    Lana and Eric: How lovely to see that great family picture! I know Lucas would rather be with you than here at the Dubbo Zoo. Teri is waiting for their house to sell, and I am still sorting and packing. All of you are prayed for each morning–Lana: He is our rock, and I think of the hymn–cleft for me–you are secure in that cleft in the Rock of Ages. Can’t tell you how many times I have read your and Eric’s HOPE. What a comfort to know nothing takes our God by surprise. What a privilege it was for Stub and me to know you in Gridley–and our forever home with Our Father is something I look forward to. Thank you always for your encouragement and faith. Love in Jesus, Barb

  43. Grace says:

    Father I ask In Jesus Name , please fix Lana’s bloodwork so she can continue with her treatment thank you

  44. Anita says:

    Dear Lana and Family,

    I have been so blessed with your ministry. I leave in Uganda where internet is not readily available to all citizens. I regularly print out the Sunday sermons and share them with other believers who in turn share them with many more. We’ve truly been blessed by them. My prayer to you and the family is for God to abundantly bless you. Amen


  45. Nwano says:

    Dear Lana,
    The Lord remains your light and salvation. Though you are walking through the valley of shadow of death, fear no evil for the Lord is with you and shall comfort you and your family.
    Your faith brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me of my loving younger sister who went to be with the Lord on 30th of May 2012. She believed God for healing. As the angels waited to accompany her to heaven all she was saying was ‘God has the final say’.
    Lana God can and will heal you, either here or hereafter. You are in safe hands with Jesus so also your family. My sister has appeared to her husband since after her burial looking so radiant without any trace of cancer. She said to her husband, ‘I love Jesus. Never doubt God, He is indeed good’.
    God bless you Lana and be with you.
    From Nigeria.

  46. Millicent says:

    Dear Lana,

    Your life and your love for God, will be a constant encouragement to me… my husband also diagnosed of a kidney cancer (malignant), that is why , immediate removal of his left kidney was made last Sept 28- Truly, God is faithful and sovereign…We have already surrendered everything to God, our future, my husband’s health, our hopes and dreams…Its for the Lord’s will! Right now, God is still using my husband in the ministry, alll for His purpose and glory..We will continue to remember you in our prayers…God’s love for us never changes…

    May God continue to be glorified in your life…Blessings…


  47. Ramona Vasquez says:

    Hi Lana, I’m so happy that you are enjoying life despite the challenges. You are always in my prayers, and GOD is an awesome caregiver AMEN! He takes us to the heights and shows us the real meaning of life. He is an awesome teacher, father. He has been good to me., even though I live with it, I tell myself it’s not how many years but how I live it that counts. He is Able, LOVE MONA

  48. Michelle Knapton says:

    Lana, I really love you ! I pray for you and think of you and your family. I wish I was closer but I know you have many who love you! You inspire me ….still praying for your healing…. Love , Michelle

  49. jbmaples02 says:

    You do not know me but I was told of your story via a homeschool forum. I want you to know my family here in TN is praying for you. I also want you to know that you are an encouragement and an inspiration. Your faith in the Almighty and your willingness to share your journey are amazing! Thank you for being a light to others even in your trials. God is using you in a great and mighty way!

    In Christ Alone,
    Britney from TN

  50. Grace says:

    Heal Lana’s bloodwork in Jesus name, amen

  51. Teresa says:

    You are definitely in God’s hands – we wouldn’t want it any other way. He is almighty, King of Kings, Lord of Lords and I will continue to pray for healing, strength and mercy.
    You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!! Outward and inward beauty – Their love for Jesus is evident.
    I pray you are having a good day, my dear sisiter in Christ.

    Love, Teresa

  52. Father God Creator of heaven and earth and all things in-between I lay Sis Elders body on the alter of grace. My God in heaven the news is not good but you oh Lord specialize in impossibilities. I pray for a healing of the body mine soul and spirit. Touch her this day that even she will be marveled at the power of you hand. In Jesus name. Sis Lana virtue has left God and endow you today so walk in ur healing.

  53. Wanda Yankowy says:

    To Lana and family, I will be praying for this road the Lord is taking you through.. I pray He will sustain you in all of this with His Precious Nail Pierced Hands while soothing your every hurt, pain, hardship, and inner cries that only He knows about and soothe them with His healing balm. I lost my mom and dad to cancer, so I know the feeling of dealing with it… my mom was only 42. So, my prayers are with you. Keep the faith ( F= Forsake A= All I=I’ll T=Trust H= HIM) You have a history to share that will and is an encouragement to many.

  54. Larry Giuliani says:

    Lana, Eric and Family, Having recently lost my wife of 43 years to ovarian cancer, i hurt for your family and will lift you up in prayer. I too believe that He can heal you if he chooses,but i am still struggling with how he chooses. But I know he is sovereign and his will is perfect. I look forward to that great day when all is made clear and we are with Him forever.

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