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Making All Things New

on November 15, 2012

Hi beloved,

This is Karis, Lana’s daughter writing. Just this morning my mom passed away. And while we are mourning the loss of her being here with us, we are rejoicing knowing that right now she is in heaven worshiping before the Great I AM. Her Creator, Beloved, and best friend. Last night she was in a lot of pain, but this morning as it got nearer to the end, she became more and more peaceful. And now looking at her, you can see that she is completely at rest. Her life has touched so many people and will continue to impact so many people for the glory of God.

I wanted to share something that I wrote in my journal a few weeks ago, starting with a song by Elevation Worship called “All Things New.”


As You rise, we come alive.
The grave has lost, the old is gone.
You are making all things new.
And we are free.

I’m listening to this song that has been abiding in my spirit for weeks now since I first heard it. Mom isn’t doing well physically as the chemo and cancer have taken over her body. She is in so much pain and just physically weak. But I keep hearing echos in my spirit, God whispering this to my heart, “I am making all things new.” One day all things will be fully made new. But right now it is in the making process. We see the process but God sees the entire thing. He is from beginning to end and one day ALL things will be made new.

Hope is found, You are here
Our hearts forever sealed
By this love that came for us
Now we are Yours

We are His forever. Called to a place where there is no more pain, no more tears, no more sorrows. Where God’s light is overwhelming and we finally will see all things made new. The resurrection gives us hope, the glory of God. How can I not be overjoyed that Mom will BE with Jesus soon? In a new body without pain, worshiping the Creator and Lover or her soul? To be here is to walk by faith, to be there is to be with Jesus face to face, finally seeing clearly what we now only see dimly as through a glass. To be home with the Lord.

Although the death of our physical bodies is inevitable, no matter if it is this week for her or hopefully many, many years ahead, already she is alive in Christ. She was dead but now is made alive in Christ. Jesus already conquered the grave when He died on the cross and rose from the dead. It has already been defeated and the grave will not hold her. So we rejoice in either outcome. The healing of her body physically, knowing that our God is a miracle-working God, or we rejoice in her passing, knowing that when she passes, at that moment she will be with her best friend, lover, creator, and Father. How could we not rejoice, albeit with tears knowing that she will not be here with us. But. We will see her soon. Because in light of eternity this life is so short. So soon, soon and very soon, we all will pass and be with Jesus. Overjoyed and in awe in His Presence. Worshiping our glorious Creator who is forever worthy of all praise, glory, and adoration. All glory, honour, and power belong to Him forever and ever Amen!

Your love never ending,
Your grace never failing,
Redemption is calling us home.


Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement and support throughout this whole season.  I know that you all will miss her as much as we do, but our hope still rests in the Lord.  Just like Mom’s did.

I know many of you will want to know that we plan to celebrate Mom’s life Monday night and Tuesday afternoon next week at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois.  Though we don’t have all the details yet, we’ll let you know when we do.  Thanks again.  I know Mom’s heart is that everyone would put their faith in the Lord and keep believin’ in Him.

Rejoicing knowing that she is with Him,

98 responses to “Making All Things New

  1. Adolf Neufeld says:

    I; so sorry to hear this, Karis, our prayers go out for you and family. May the God of comfort, comfort you now at this difficult time as you all mourn the loss of your mom. (Lina)

    • Joyce Wilks says:

      She is alive and well with her Father God.

    • Leslie Estep says:

      what an awesome daughter you are!!! you have an amazing attitude about your mother. You will see her again, and that is comforting!!! it comforts me about my own parents!!! i pray for you and your family, God Bless you and your family!!!!!

  2. Sara jo Estes says:

    That is beautiful Karis. Thank you.

  3. Jim Kelly says:

    our prayers are with you in this time of loss. Praying for His comfort and peace for your family, that you feel His arms around all of you right now. It was such an encouragement reading your mom’s letters as she went through this trial. With all our love and God bless you all.

  4. Sandra Organ Solis says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words, and bravery during this sad time for you, to remind us all to rejoice in her seeing the King! May HE be your strength in the days ahead, Karis and Eric, and all of you. I knew she was in heaven this morning, as I drove to work….somehow, I just knew.
    Sandra Organ Solis

  5. Ian so very sorry for your loss, my heard gos out to you and family Karis I know your mom is with God and she is happy and smiling love always Irene ❤

  6. Juanita Cook says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom. Your Mother faith was so strong.She was such an inspiration to all. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all your family. May our Lord comfort all you as you go through this very difficult time.

  7. Scott Schrock says:

    Just want you all to know I am so sorry for your loss but also encouraged by your faith and the legacy Lana leaves behind. I will always treasure the memories I have of her and the smile that would light up the room. God Bless You All and I will be in touch and available if you need anything. Love, Scott Schrock

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  8. Sylvia says:

    So sorry for your loss! Your mom surely is with the Lord she loved so dearly..I’m touched by the brave words u shared. Will keep your family in prayer. God bless

  9. Jayne says:

    My prayers are with you and your family. She was so brave during this journey and now she can soar. God bless you.

  10. Carrie Brown says:

    Dear Karis and family,

    My life has been blessed because I knew your Mom. She always was and continued to be one of the kindest people I have met on this earth. I am so sad, but so grateful that I had the joy of meeting your Mom in high school and reconnecting during this journey. You are a beautiful family and your Mom’s legacy will live in each of you. My very deepest sympathy to your entire family. Love, Carrie Landgraf Brown

  11. Carol Ann Carmichael says:

    I rejoyce with you that dear sweet Lana is now free of pain and praising God face to face. My love and prayers to you all.

  12. Patsy says:

    What a lovely woman Mrs Lana Elder was. I have no doubt she has left a tremendous impact on all who knew and loved her. My prayers are with you all. God’s precious comfort, cover you.

  13. Dorrett McLean-Munroe says:

    Karis thanks for letting us know. Thank God for giving you this beautiful woman as your mom, and how he has now make all thing new. I am reminded of the song which says in part: Mighty to save – Forever author of salvation, he rose and conquer the grave, Jesus conquer the grave. The God of compassion and comfort is with your famiy at this time…………

  14. sanvan says:

    Dear Karis
    Like so many others who read your mum’s blog I was amazed and uplifted at her courage and faith. Part of this poem came to mind and I would like to share it with you and your family:

    If I should go away beloved, do not say “[s]he has forgotten me”, for you abide, a singing rib, within my dreaming side …

    Thinking and praying for all of you.
    God Bless
    Sandra (Wales, UK)

  15. Dianna McShane says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, may God give you all great comfort. Praise God that your Mom is at home now with The Lord. We have followed her earthly journey through her illness since she started this blog, how wonderful that she has now reached her heavenly destination. Your Mom was an inspiration! We will continue to pray for all of you as you go through this difficult time. God bless. Dianna & Andy – N.Ireland

  16. Judi says:

    Dear Karis, You have a wonderful way of writing such a lovely post paying tribute to your Mom, who is now at Peace and free of pain, with God. I pray that your Father and the rest of your Mom’s Family and Friends–there must be so many!–rejoice in the Lord as they miss her, and are happy that she is now at Peace in Heaven! Right now, and always, your Mom is looking down on all of us who love her, and smiling in pride of how your Father, you and the rest of your Family and your Mom’s Friends helped her and trusted in the Lord until he brought her Home! Love and Blessings to all of you!

  17. Ramona Vasquez says:

    I send my condolences, in knowing she has impacted my life in so many ways. I will miss her so. She is in his GLORY!

  18. Marijke Caines says:

    Dear Elders, I am so sorry to hear about Ms. Lana. She was and will forever be a great inspiration and encouragement to me. While I’m going through my tribulation in my marriage she is a source of strength, she is the example of a woman of faith and I understand what life is all about. With her help I have become a wiser, stronger woman and I have faith that my very young marriage will overcome. I’ll always remember her faith in God. But like you’ve said, she’s left this unfriendly world behind with all it’s pain, sufferring and bitterness and she’s in a better place, a place I sometimes wish my children and I would be to get away from all the hurts we’ve had to deal with. My condolences but she lives on in your hearts. With love, Marijke

  19. Linda says:

    Karis and family of Lana, I am so sorry for your loss. I morn with you. I feel like she was part of my life in a special way. May God comfort and keep you during this difficult time.. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” I know you are also rejoicing because she is home with our Lord and Savior. God will comfort you. I lost my dad last March 7, 2012. I know he is at peace and free from pain. He suffered too from cancer. I love you and you will be in my prayers.
    Sister in Christ,

  20. Sue & Mark Reber says:

    Thank you for sharing the news of your mom. You have truly honored her. While we join you in celebrating that she is now with Jesus, our prayers and love go out to your family as you grieve her loss. God has been gracious to have given us all such a lovely person as your mom. We thank God for her! Blessings & love.

  21. Carol Robb says:

    Karis, Eric, and all,
    We will be praying you through this sad time as you miss Lana. We know your faith is in our God who is more faithful than we can ever comprehend. “The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3: 22-23.
    We love you all!
    Tom, Carol, Beth, David and Rosalynn

  22. allthewaydoc says:

    I did not know your mom, only followed her through her blog. My children have prayed for her much. I am sorry that she had to leave you all but rejoicing in that she is with our Lord and Savior. No more pain and no more tears! Thank you Jesus that in all things we know that you are in control! You know the reasons and you have a perfect plan for EVERYTHING that happens. Thank you for this life that was lived out for you and exemplified your love!

  23. Denise Danigelis says:

    My heart goes out to you with the loss of your precious Wife & Mother – so happy to have the assurance that she is with Jesus! But I’ll certainly continue to pray for all of you as you go through many difficult days of grief. Love in Christ – Denise (from Michigan)

  24. I am praying that the Lord continue to minister to your hearts. Karis, your heart is so right with the Lord. Thank you for ministering to others in your post about your mom.

  25. Renee Carter says:

    Karis, Lucas, Makari, Jo, Bo, Kaleo, and Eric,

    We are all so very sorry to hear of Lana’s absence. I cannot bring myself to say any of the other words that people use to describe this time. They just don’t seem appropriate. She is indeed absent from the body, but present with the Lord. What a beautiful creation she is and how wonderful that her time here was never wasted. As I read the many comments, and I’m sure you will be inundated with them, I cannot help but smile at the joy she brought to so many people. It’s a strange mixture, sorrow and joy, but only a unique and lovely spirit like Lana’s can make it all work, somehow. We love you guys.

    John, Renee, Rylie, Caylee & Lyta

  26. Agnes says:

    I do not know Lana Elder very well, but couple months back I came upon her blog and was touched and encouraged by her words she shared. I decided to subscribe to her blog and so i recieve every message she post. Everytime i read her post, i was touched deeply and amazed of how strong she is in her faith in Christ Jesus. She is like the mother of Faith. I learn many things from her and i see how bless she is and her family. She have run the race and won, waiting to recieve the prize:)

    God bless.

  27. Martha Borchardt says:

    My deepest regards for your family. Lana gave me more than imagineable. Her grace and strength was so wonderful. She was always praising God, even in the midst of trials. She will be missed, but I’m glad she’s in the arms of our dear Jesus. My love to all and may God bless you all.

  28. Dan/Emily says:

    We are very sorry to hear of Lana’s passing. May God comfort you now and always. We are praying for you. And thank you very much Karis for the encouraging message, above.
    We love you all, Dan and Emily

  29. Rev. Alicia Hinson Carpenter says:

    Praying for you and your family. I know the hurt you feel. But remember she not only died but that she LIVED and touched so many lives. May the God in whom we love and serve continue to comfort and strengthen you.

  30. Elvira Brooks says:

    That is so beautiful Karis. You are certainly your mother’s child, so much like her, so positive and so caring. My prayers are with you all. She was a wonderful woman with more strength than I can imagine. God bless you all. She is in a wonderful place now. So we can rejoice in that!

  31. Laurell Couvillier says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to your family at this time. It is sad to read that she has passed, but as you say, she is with The Lord. I had her on my heart during my prayer time this morning and now I find out she passed this morning, I guess it was God putting her on my heart.

    May the comfort of The Lord bless you all.


    Sent from my iPad

  32. Dawn Neubauer says:

    As we all mourn the loss of such loving and faithful woman, there is rejoicing in heaven upon her arrival. She will be missed by many. The memories you all share will be a reminder of all the wonderful moments you had together. For those memories we are greatful. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time. Remember God will be you every step of the way.

    May God give comfort and bless you.

    Dawn Neubauer

  33. Fred Thomas says:

    May God be gracious to you all as you go through the process of grieving. We know as Christians that when we are out of the body we are in His presence. Your Mother has
    been in my prayers and it brought back so many memories of losing my mother, Mary Ellen Thomas, to cancer. I admired your Mother’s faith and courage! An ever present witness to us all. Though we have never met she was grafted into my family as a Sister In Christ who I prayed for healing.

    I will continue my prayers for your family and her friends and Christian Brothers and Sisters who were close.

    God Bless
    Fred Thomas

  34. Kathie says:

    So very sorry to learn of your dear mother’s passing. My prayers are with you, your dad and your sweet brothers and sisters.

  35. Ajimone koshy says:

    My hearty condolence to the family.May the Lord Almighty console you in this occasion.

  36. Dusti Vaughan says:

    Karis that was beautiful…..

  37. Heather says:

    Thank you for sharing so soon, my heart and condolences go out ot you and your lovely family and thanks to your precious mum for sharing her walk and praising God in her sufferings, she will be a continuing encouragement and testimony to all. You are blessed to have had a beautiful mum,one who has loved and taught you well, may her story, love and faith echo through the generations of your family and many others.

    Bless you beloved Karis, Eric and family.

  38. Meg says:

    My heart goes out to and your family Karis. May you treasure the many happy memories you have of your mom and know that God has now taken over watch of her and she is at peace.My condolences and know she will be missed as she was a very special lady.

  39. Joy Smith says:

    Dear Karis,
    My tears have finally eased at this very sad news. What a wonderful lady your Mum was. I’ve been following her blog for some time and have found her unwavering courage, strength, faith and hope to be more than encouraging. Our physical parting from loved ones is extremely difficult, but the joy in knowing she did not go alone – the Lord Himself was there to meet her.
    Praying for your, your Dad, brothers and sisters – for God’s continued peace and comfort over the coming days, weeks, months and years.
    God bless you all as you continue to love and serve Him.
    Joy – Brisbane, Australia

  40. Deon Bonnet says:

    We rejoice before God ; heil Jesus heil! God has healed Lana although in the after life. We will still rejoice in God’s goodness and grace. Lana smile down on us knowing that she has complete her task as a christian. Thru her life and testimonies , many people became to know Jesus. Glory to God. Be blessed! Our prayers and thoughts are with the family. May Lana’s peace thru jesus put you at peace thru Jesus! Thanks for all the updates. Keep in touch. Love. Deon and Retha. Kokstad. South Africa.

  41. Mary says:

    Praying for you, much love.

  42. Harebottle, Mervyn: Absa says:

    Hi Karis, My deepest sympathies to you and your Dad and the rest of the family. I just wish to say that your Mother has been such an inspiration to me and so many others. Her memory and all the e mails I received will always inspire me to become a better person. She showed such courage and strength during her illness and I could just imagine her always smiling and encouraging other people to be strong in their weakness. She is now at peace and with her Heavenly Father. I will always remember her strengths and encouragement to other people. I also want to say how much I love the sermons I get from The Ranch every week. I ask God just to comfort you and your whole family and I know you will celebrate your Moms life. I just wish I could have met Her and your Dad personally but I will never forget them . Mervyn


  43. Philip Derbyshire says:

    Dear Lana. Called Home. The trumpets have sounded in Heaven. Till we meet. Bless you all. From Philip Derbyshire in England.

  44. Nsaba Buturo says:

    My God!  His will has been done! Throughout, it was a testing time for your family and friends.  Our God Has had the last word.  It had to be that way.  I join you to thank God for His greatest friend, Lana.  Remain strong, you and your entire family.  Now that it is over with your mum, for now at least, let us go back to our God for He remains our refuge and fortress.  Remain blessed.

    Dr Buturo


  45. Sibongile Maseko says:

    These news are not good at all. I am left with nothing but send my condolences to the family. on anothe note, as I have been following Lana’s walk always in victory & till this victory. I have had an experience of knowing God even more, understanding God purpose for our lives and most importantly the fact that God is life. With or without this flesh, He lives in us. Now this situation is taking me to the scenario in 2Kings: 13: 20 – 21 ” Elisha died and was buried.

    Now Moabite raiders(U) used to enter the country every spring. v21.Once while some Israelites were burying a man, suddenly they saw a band of raiders; so they threw the man’s body into Elisha’s tomb. When the body touched Elisha’s bones, the man came to life(V) and stood up on his feet.
    This is how Lana has touched my life. Sibongile Maseko. Swaziland

  46. clolivero says:

    Karis–Your Mom has touched many lives by the comments that people have written. I remember your Mom home-schooling you kids and also taking care of her dad, my brother (John), when he was taken ill.

    What an inspiration she was to me and also her brothers and sisters as she carried on with her work preaching to all of us and in a way to her children too who have emulated her actions in what they are now doing.

    She would come out and get some of my heirloom tomatoes that she raised in her garden and I witnessed how well she grew and used those tomatoes to feed you kids.

    As I go to see her I will be impressed by what she has left behind–from a sweet, skinny, wonderful. kind, good, honest loveable lover of Christ Jesus, she has given greater energy to those who knew her.

    But the greatest inspiration is what she has given you–Karis. She wants her children to carry on her legacy of living the good life believing in Jesus and when I read your testimony that you wrote about your MOM, I along with many others can see IN YOU ANOTHER LANA.

    Thanks to you Karis and your blessed family, you can celebrate what MOM has accomplished. There is not to many families that are given this legacy—– Carlo Liz and the kids

  47. Minerva Napier says:

    We are all praying for your family, Karis. We know that Lana is in Jesus’ arms right now. This song comforted me after the death of my own loved ones and I pray that it might do the same for you. (If You Could See Me Now)

  48. Kathleen says:

    Alive in Christ, but still you are allowed to cry and grieve for someone so special and loved. Let the tears flow as well as the laughter. Your Mum was amazing but now with her Father in Heaven

  49. Joan Moody says:

    Even as my eyes are hurt and are swollen from yesterday’s tears, this verse makes me imagine what Lana is seeing today. We love you all SO!

    1 Corinthians 2:9 KJV
    “But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

    Hugs from Texas, Kevin, Joan and Amy

    PS. I picked up Amy from school and told her about Lana. She burst into crocodile tears and said, “I am just going to sing her a song.” So she made up one and sang verses of it on the spot. Precious!

  50. Angela Saunders says:

    May the God of love enfold you with his arms and comfort you with the knowledge that Lana has entered into the great joy that he has prepared for her.
    Angela, Tennessee

  51. Claire says:

    I pray for you all to have beautiful memories of your mother, and Eric, your wife. I also pray for your peace and comfort during this difficult time- as on 1 hand you are mourning your loss, but on the other, praising and ‘excited’ ( if that’s not offensive to use) at the thought of your mother, and wife meeting Jesus! The song ‘ I can only imagine’ by the Maranatha singers comes to my mind. The song brings tears and a smile to my face at the same time. Eric, I found the Ranch website at the start of my Christian journey which was 4 yrs past on the 9th of this month and I thank you for your posts, books, website and honest thoughts and views and I pray for you as a family for your loss. Love from Claire ( mum of 5)

  52. John Roland says:

    My prayers are with you and your family Karis. Your families ministry has been a blessing to me.

  53. Martha Hughes says:

    Lana was a woman of fine character and a great faith in her Savior. I am sorry that she had to leave you so soon, but Karis, your letter proves that your Mom left the best legacy that she could. How proud she must be of your faith and that of her entire family. Shedding a few tears with you, but holding fast to our hope in Jesus, and I’m thankful she is at peace.

  54. Eric says:

    You and your family are in my prayers Karis. I lost my mother last month in October after a 12 month battle with cancer. The experiences and stages for both her and the family had many similarities to your mothers and yours. I know the emotional roller coaster you’ve all been riding – but the faith and spiritual strengthening you are experiencing and will continue to experience in many ways from many sources is truly awesome. Watch and see. God is good – all the time.

  55. Tony Slocum says:

    Dear Karis and Family,
    When our mother passed away two months ago, two phrases kept coming to our lips: “Born to eternal life,” and, “Gone home to God.” May the good Lord comfort in your loss with the knowing that your dear mom and wife has truly found her home.

  56. Naomi says:

    Dear Karis,
    Am Naomi and I live in Nigeria, West Africa. I’ve been blessed by your parents’ ministry for years.
    I’ve dreaded reading that your mum has passed on for weeks whilst praying for her healing.
    I screamed as I read your letter but also am rejoicing that she’s where we are all longing to be, in due course.
    I’ve been ministered to by her courage in the face of adversity and her grace through it.
    I have no doubt that it will be well with your family and believe in the compensating love of God to see you through this season and till eternity.
    I remain grateful to the Elder Ministry for deeply touching my life without knowing my person.
    My prayers are with you and yours. God bless you.

  57. Mary says:

    So sorry for your loss. Your hearts are surely breaking. However, we rejoice with you that she is now in heaven with our Lord and no longer suffering or in pain.

  58. Ben says:

    My condolences to you and your family. I am so encouraged by your family’s faith.

  59. Mary Lynn Melton says:

    I am so sorry. I have been wrapped up in my own world with my sister fighting this same battle and my husband has had 2 surgeries in the last 3 months and I had not followed her condition as before. I am truly sorry, will pray your strength remains in God through this time .

  60. Brenda Williams says:

    Your Mother truly blessed me and touched mylife deeply.
    She will be missed but never forgotten. Keeping your family in prayer.

  61. Joseph Byrd says:

    Dear Karis,
    You and your family have become a part of my life; checking in daily, receiving encouragement, following your journey. I can’t say something that hasn’t already been expressed.
    Thank you all and God Bless.

  62. Michael McCue says:

    Peace to you seem to have it right. May your strength and your courage be a light for your family to hold on to. Hold on tight. With faith like that, there can be no doubt where your mother is.

  63. Peggy Fasing says:

    Dear family-I will continue to keep you all in my prayers….your mom was such an INSPIRATION to all of us. She certainly elevated my faith to a level that it had never been! God Bless You!

  64. Eddie Erlank says:

    Dear Eric, Karis and all the family,
    It has all been said above. . . . .
    I did not know her and yet she inspired me more than most.
    God bless her legacy of faith.
    May she rest in peace – and you, her family be encouraged by the way she conducted her life.
    Through her life she has given you and example which is incredibly precious.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Mallorca, Spain

  65. Laura Price says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. And like you, I can’t help but celebrate that your Mom is with Jesus! God answered our prayers and healed your Mom. For her, it meant healing in a new body; and that she would live in it in heaven.

    I pray for comfort for you and all of your family. Your parents have been an inspiration to me for years. I love how God has used them to reach so many lives. I see that in you, in the way you wrote this and not only glorified God, but comforted those of us who didn’t get to say bye to your Mom. You honor your Mom! Karis, you are a wonderful young woman of God. Please continue to reach out to others and live the legacy your parents have given you. You, dear one, are a blessing, just as your Mom was (and still is). Know that in my heart, I am hugging your whole family. I have known your Dad since elementary school. It was a pleasure to get to know your Mom through their ministry to others. God bless you all!

  66. Nikki says:

    “No weeping, no hurt or pain, no suffering, you hold me now” – one of my favourite Hillsong tracks which I’m thinking of now as I extend my condolences to you and your family at this time, but know that your mom is in paradise now, praying that you will take some comfort in knowing that.

  67. Joris Dumas says:

    I am sorry for your loss. I understand your loss as I lost my only daughter to cancer only 2 months ago. I pray for comfort and healing for you and your family. And, yes, we rejoice that your mom and my daughter will have no more pain forever. God richly bless and comfort you and your family. We pray in the name of in Who gave it all, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

  68. susan goldsmith says:

    My love and prayers for your wonderful family in your time of loss. May He continue to bless and comfort you all as only He can. Although I did not know her personally it was obvious from everything that you have all have said what a lovely lady Lana was …. and indeed still is, but now with her loving Father in Heaven.
    May you all be comforted by the precious memories you have of her….
    God bless you all x

  69. Val Smith says:

    My prayers are with you all

  70. says:

    I am so sorry for your lost. I am truly glad that the Lord was the joy of her life, as well as yours. You don’t know how much that meant to her and your father.

    Yours in Christ,


  71. MARIETTE says:

    Dear Karis and each one of your wonderful family including your father. I know so well the pain and trauma of loosing a mother to cancer. You are all so strong in your faith and love for God and your understanding of the broader aspect, that I hope my thoughts multiply with love to ease your pain. May God be with all of you in the time upon us and may you all be blessed in support and understanding. You have wonderful thoughts of Lana to carry on with.
    Much love
    Mariette xxx

  72. Mark Gallagher says:

    You don’t know me but all my Grandparents are waiting for me. It will be a Glorious reunion! God bless you and the tears you shed are tears of joy as well.

  73. Connie Moore says:

    My heart is heavy for you, family. May God bless you with His peace that passes all understanding. I am embarrassed to say I kept saving Lana’s messages to read when I had more time. Said a quick prayer and moved on. Please forgive me. I have now read them all and watched the video. Lana’s strength and wisdom under such daunting circumstances gives me strength for the small problems I am dealing with. Thank you all for sharing your lives and words. I know our Master has welcomed Lana with open arms! With love, Connie Moore

  74. Tracey says:

    As I read your post I could not help but hear the strength and Love of God coming from you as it did your Mother. She touched SO many lives and brought so many people to the Lord. I know her words helped me through some very difficult times when I could not see or understand God’s works. And she wasn’t even directing it to me. She didn’t even know how much she helped me and I am sure there are many people she silently helped without even knowing it. It amazes me how much she impacted my life and I got to know her best through the words, Prayers, tears and stitching of a blanket. My heart goes out to all of you. Find rest in knowing that you are in the palm of God’s hand and find some comfort in all the Prayers that are being said for you and the Family.

  75. Nichole Squires says:

    I am sorry for your loss. What a brave daughter you are. I cant imagine what your family is dealing with at this moment, but I will be praying for God’s peace, comfort and strength. I do not know your family personally but we do have a direct relationship through “The Ranch”. Oh, how many times I read a scripture that was posted(which felt like it was directly meant for me) that got me through the storms. I felt like I knew your Mom(she was like a next door neighbor that moved away) and felt the love she has for God and her family through her blog. God Bless you! I pray that the same scriptures she provided will be the one to comfort your family.

  76. Sara says:

    Thank you Karis for letting us know of your Mum’s passing. I praise God for your love for Jesus that enables you to write in such a powerful way. I will be praying for you and all the family as you will all miss Lana and your hearts will ache at the lack of her presence with you, but what a wonderful assurance that she is now home and with her lovely Lord, and you will see her again one day. God bless all of you at this time. Love Sara xx

  77. Grace says:

    Thank you family for being such an example of Christ’s love, Lana is with the Lord, I will meet her one day, God bless you all.

  78. Patti says:

    Dear Elder family.

    Praying for you all and asking God’s peace and comfort for you now and in the times ahead.

    Blessings and more from down under in New Zealand.

  79. Stanley Minton says:

    I am so sorry I will pray for you and your family. I have always felt my mother has been watching over me. I hope you feel the joy of knowing that you will always have your mother watching over you.

  80. john kirkland says:

    May the Lord bless and comfort you all, Betty

  81. Alan and Jenny Beer says:

    Dear Karis,
    We have been receiving your mum’s newsletters and only commented this week that we had not received an update we now understand why.
    Your comments in the situation are wonderful and give us the same encouragement that your mum did over the time of her illness. We put the updates into our Fellowships weekly news sheet and people in our small church prayed and commented every week. She and your dad have been an inspiration to us all.
    Your mums comment in the last message we have; “And thank you for going through this with us, too, by your prayers and encouragement. We really appreciate you being there for us in so many ways” needs a response from us all; “Thank you all for your courage and encouragement during this period we have all learned so much from you all”.
    We will continue to think of you and your family during the coming days, bless you all.
    Alan Beer and all at North Devon Christian Fellowship, Barnstaple, North Devon, England

  82. Sarah Thomas says:

    MY love and prayers are with you as tears run down my face. I am so sorry you have lost Lana but know that you will be at peace with her being with Jesus. Stay strong as a family with your faith. God looks over you.
    You have all done so much for us all, fanning our faith into flames.
    Lana will be never forgotten and will be rewarded as you all will for your work for God.
    My love to you all.xx

  83. Arthur Muir says:

    Dear Karis, I have been following your Mum’s brave faith journey and am so sorry to hear that she has passed away. You and your family are in my prayers and will be in the prayers of my church tomorrow morning. Blessings to you all. Arthur Muir, Melbourne Australia.

  84. Lisa Moyer says:

    Eric, Karis, family and friends –
    We all have a piece of some kind of history with Lana. That’s the beauty of it. Eric, You had many years with an amazing woman. There were few to none like her. And to her children, you had a mother that most dream of having. And to her friends – you all have your story and your memories. Lana was my best friend in high school. If I could only count the nights we spent up all night, or how many times we made home made chocolate chip cookies in that big ole house, or the hand written notes with that beautiful handwriting.
    But all of us, all of us, will remember her gentle sweet spirit, her inner and outer beauty and that big Olivero smile.
    Lana, you will be missed and we will all cry.
    I want to be like you when I grow up. Beautiful , brave and a follower of Christ.

  85. Karen Ravnikar says:

    Dearest Family, May The Lord grant you peace and comfort as you cope with your loss. I also knew Lana from high school. She was always sweet, kind and a good friend to all. I can not think of her without remembering her ever present smile. The faith and grace with which she handled her battle was inspiring to people all over the globe, whether they knew her personally or not. Since her diagnosis she has shone others how strongly rooted faith can give you strength, courage, and hope no matter the challenge. I know she is now at Peace, though I am sad at her loss. Knowing her was a gift and a blessing.

  86. Gary Eschenbaum says:

    Dearest Karis and family… I am deeply saddened to hear about your loss but can tell from your announcement that all will be fine. I pray you are always safe and wish you peace.

    Gary Eschenbaum

  87. Jeff Nemish says:

    My Dear Karis,
    You are one AMAZING, BRAVE and STRONG young lady and daughter! As I sit here with tears running down my face, with much love and sorrow. You and your family truly are an inspiration! May God bless you all, with all his love and strength at this most deserving time of need. I’ll be sure to keep you all in our prayers, as you continue on the journey that our creator as set-up for us. Take care and God Bless.

  88. Sheri says:

    Thank you Kari’s, your words were beautiful. May God’s peace be with you and your family now and forever. Lana is safe in God’s arms.

  89. Mavice Hove says:

    May you and your family be comforted by the Lord. He is the only one who understands what you are all going through. We are sorry tha she is gone but the angel are rejoicing because one of their own has come home.

  90. Teresa says:

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful words. You write with the same faith and hope as your mother did. I was so blessed to have known your mother during her years in Gridley, IL. Her life was a testimony of Christ’s love – she touched the lives of so many people. “Well done good and faithful servant.”
    My husband Jeff, and I rejoice in knowing that Lana is in the arms of Jesus, yet pray for your
    family who will miss her dearly.

    Love, Teresa Porzelius

  91. Kirsty Hopkin says:

    Thank you Lord for this wonderful family who have touched so many hearts & lives & enfold them in your everlasting love now & forever more, Amen

  92. Dear Eric and family

    Our love and prayers go with you.


  93. Sebastian Kishinevsky says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, you whole family has been a great inspiration. I and many others are so grateful for yor teachings which bring us closer to our Lord and Saviour. You know this already but your Mom is in a much better place.

    “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”1Cor2:9

    Thanks and God Bless

  94. jerona says:

    Dear Karis, i’m reading this and trying not to cry as i am at work, you guys really are amazing! I thank God for all of you, you are truly inspirational. I lost my father to illness as well and it was only knowing that He was with Jesus and that i would see him again that helped me thru the loss and God was and still is, faithful. Trust in Him and walk each day at a time. Love you all my sister, will always pray for you. Jerona in Abaco, bahamas.

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