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Lana’s “Heaven Day”

on November 14, 2013

I know it may be hard to believe, but this Friday (Nov. 15th) marks the one-year anniversary of Lana’s passing into heaven. We’re planning on having a quiet day at home to ourselves that day. But on Sunday (Nov. 17th), we’d like to invite you to join us at 3 pm at the Lexington Cemetery (in Lexington, Illinois) to show you a new memorial bench we’ve just had installed this past weekend as a special place to remember Lana.

We’ll have a song and a prayer at the cemetery (Lucas may Skype in from Australia to sing us a song!), then we’ll have an “open house” at our home from 4-7 (about 7 miles away) for anyone who wants to join us for some of Lana’s favorite chili, look through photo albums and just hang out as we remember Lana’s life together. It’ll just be a low-key day and very casual (as Lana would have liked it). It might even rain, so bring an umbrella, as we’ll plan to do it either way.

I’ve uploaded some pictures of the bench in case you can’t join us on that day, and so you’ll know what it looks like if you ever want to stop by the cemetery to have a quiet place to think and pray for any reason. Lana would love that (not that you would think and pray about her, but just to have you take some time to think and pray!) I think it’s a beautiful memorial in a beautiful spot to a beautiful woman.






Here are some directions: The Lexington Cemetery is just off Highway 55 at the Lexington exit as you head east towards Lexington. To find the bench, as you enter the cemetery, just take the outer loop around the cemetery to the right and keep following the loop towards the far northeast corner of the cemetery. The bench is on the right-hand side along the line of trees. (My parents, grandparents and great grandparents are also buried in that cemetery, if you continue around the outer loop towards the southwest corner, and look to your left, under the last large tree on your left.) Our house is located about 6 miles straight north of the cemetery and 1.1 miles east, at 25615 E 3000 North Rd, Chenoa, Illinois.

Come join us on Sunday if you can! We’d love to see you.

Eric and the family

26 responses to “Lana’s “Heaven Day”

  1. Rachael malyango says:

    Thanks for this Eric.
    May God be with u always . u have been a blessing to me people.

  2. Joy Smith says:

    Hello Eric & Family,
    It has been sad but a real blessing to receive Lana’s updates. You have all been in my prayers for throughout Lana’s illness and since her passing. I’m so glad The Lord’s been so near to you all and you seem to be doing so well.
    I think this tribute to Lana is beautiful. I hope and pray that her anniversary of entering into eternity with our beloved Lord is a special day of remembrance, celebration and blessing to each of you.
    Christian Love,
    Joy Smith
    (Brisbane, Australia)

  3. Penny Seipp says:

    Hello!! What a beautiful bench you had made.  I just love it.  I miss seeing all of you.  I wanted to respond to your invite and let you know that I can’t make it on Sunday but you will be in my thoughts. Love to all of you and may God continue to bless you. Penny

  4. Tom Krieger says:

    What a wonderful memorial to Lana! May the Holy Spirit continue to comfort you and bring peace.

  5. Brenda says:

    Priceless! I wish I lived close by to drop in.

  6. Sue & Mark Reber says:

    What a beautiful bench & memorial. You continue to be in our prayers often. Blessings to you and your family.

    Sue & Mark Reber
    Flint, Michigan

  7. Deborah Powell says:

    To the Elder Family: This is such a beautiful memorial and keepsake to remember Lana! Although I will not be able to be there. You all are in my prayers. May Gold Bless and Keep You!

  8. shirley Paul says:

    I think Eric, this is the most beautiful thing and tribute of love, life, a loving family and faith in an awesome God. It reminds me of CS Lewis final story of The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe, where Aslan tells the children that the term is over, holidays have begun… and after that, every day was better than they could ever have imagined…

  9. Craig Prest says:

    Dear Eric and Family,
    Thank You for your sweet and precious invitation. We live too far away to get there personally, but our hearts and thoughts will be with you then and are many other times as well. Lana would be so happy to see all the beauty and grace God has instilled into all of you through her life. Eric, you have been especially amazing in leading your family and those of us in the outward circles of friends through this beautiful heartfelt and edifying journey. We love you guys! Craig & Jeri Prest

  10. Al says:

    My love and prayers today the Elder family. I’ve been thinking a lot about you guys lately and seeing this bench really uplifted me. What a great tribute. I hope to come sit on it one day)

  11. Rose O'Donnell says:

    It’s hard to believe that its been a year. I miss her dearly. I love the bench and hope I get to sit and prayer there someday.

  12. Patricia Smith says:

    Eric, the bench is beautiful.  What a wonderful place to sit, reflect and pray.  You and the kids will be in my thoughts. Brad and I will be in Pennsylvania Sunday so I will not be able to make it.  I would enjoy the time with your family. I am sad that I will miss it but my mother lives in PA and her birthday is tomorrow so I am going to surprise her with a visit.  She will be 86. Continued blessings to you,   Patty Ann

  13. […] As today marks the one-year anniversary of my wife Lana’s passing into heaven, I’ve posted a few pictures on her blog of a memorial bench we’ve just had installed last weekend at a cemetery a few miles from our home as a special place to remember her. For those of you who live nearby and want to join us this Sunday for a day of remembrance of Lana’s life, I’ve included in my post more details and directions, along with more pictures. Thank you for walking through this important season of our lives with us. Tomorrow begins a new one! If you’re ever in Illinois and want a quiet spot to think and pray, Lana’s memorial is a perfect spot to do it! (And she would be thrilled to know that you were taking some to think and pray about anything going on in your life.) Thanks again for your love and prayers. Sincerely, Eric Elder Here’s a link to more details and pictures: […]

  14. Abah Adah JOHNSON says:

    I was touchedwhen I heard about your wife’s passing. I’ve been an adent reader of your mail for a very long time.
    I also lost my wife in June last year and lost my mother six months later and ever since then, I’ve had some terrible times but, thank God, I read some of your post and messages that really healed my pain.
    I live in Nigeria, I’d have come for Lana’s memorial but one thing is for sure, I’ll be there in spirit and I pray that God will continye to console and strengthen you in Jesus name, amen.

  15. Gary Eschenbaum says:

    Time goes by… I pray your family is healthy and enjoys all that life offers. With love, Gary and Linda Eschenbaum

  16. collins ita says:

    eric,many words and memories of lana will also bring tears to my eyes,but I just want to say,”you are not alone,and you will never walk alone”.

  17. Christine Zeller says:

    Thanks for the invite. We are having our family thanksgiving dinner that afternoon so will be unable to attend. It is wonderful you are doing this and that you are honoring Lana and her life with the memorial bench. Again thanks for including us.

    In him Chris

    Sent from my iPhone


    • EdnaTimothy Madison says:

      Dear Eric
      Thanks for the invitation, Lana’s memorial reminds me of my cousin who brought me up. My prayers to you and the family from South Sudan.

  18. What a lovely remembrance for Lana. Thank you for sharing this. Lynn

  19. Babu says:

    We are praying for you.

  20. Dawn says:

    Greetings from the Carribean.
    This is so priceless but most beautiful. May our God continue to pourout His Blessings and Mercy upon you and your family.

    • Margie Gibbens says:

      Time passes by ever so swiftly. Just opened my email after many moons and saw this beautiful memorial for Lana. Just as when Lana was here, you have provided a cozy, comforting place for friends and family to come share quiet time, or sit on lovely bench and watch children or grandchildren play and enjoy the peacefulness. Your family never ceases to amaze me. God bless you all richly.

  21. Jenn says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family’s love and faith with those of us who have never met you but are so blessed by your deep abiding love for our Lord Jesus Christ. I am strengthened by your faith and pray for God’s continued blessings on your family as you touch so many lives.

  22. kiplagat says:

    i had prayed for her when we got the message she was ill, but God did His will.I may not be able to sit on that bench, but i know a bird will one day perch on it to represent those like me who may never visit the place.We shall remember her in this corners of the world.God bless.

  23. Juanita Elder says:

    Dear Eric & family,

    What a beautiful memorial to a beautiful woman. It is hard to imagine that Lana passed into heaven over a year ago. We say special prayers for all of you. Juanita & Jim

  24. Kebede Gizachew says:

    Dear Eric & family
    So lovely family, blessed & I learned a lot about His Kingdom from this family. I prayed for Lana & the will of God happened in her life & I thanked God for His purpose & timely work. We all be with Lana after accomplishing our purpose on Earth. Love you all & May the Lord bless your ministry.

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